Playful Parklet Report Available

A passer-by plays Communitas, an interactive busking performance, at the playful parklet in Malvern

RMIT researchers and the Future Play Lab have co-authored a report about the “playful parklet”, a customised parklet for both free public use and programmed activations that has been travelling around Melbourne’s suburbs since November 2021.

This report focuses on the Malvern iteration of the public, which was supported by the City of Stonnington. The report documents the background behind the project, the parklet’s design and on-site installation, the process of working with Stonnington Council and choosing a site in Malvern, and the parklet’s impact on the local community. The researchers present their findings and outline future directions, which will be of interest to researchers and other organisations undertaking similar public space activations.

To date, the parklet has visited Melbourne’s CBD twice, Malvern, Footscray and Brunswick. It is currently stationed at RMIT where it is undergoing further testing and ideation for future projects, and it will be back out on Melbourne’s streets again by October 2022 for Melbourne International Games Week. Check this site closer to then for further details.